The Men of Moone Mountain

Her legs can run, but her heart can't hide.

While on the run from a violent ex-boyfriend, Brooke finds herself being looked after by Travis and Kent, two gorgeous bi-sexual cowboys. While every instinct she has tells her to keep running, the pull that these men have on her is so strong that she hesitates...and gives in. For now.

Travis Beaumont and Kent Freeman enjoy a loving relationship on Moone Mountain. But when Travis rescues the beautiful young Brooke Adams, both men end up falling for her. They've almost given up on their dream of adding a submissive girl to their "family" to make a ménage relationship. However, she refuses to tell them much about herself, although her nightmares and scars are a sure indication that the girl's in big trouble.

When Brooke's ex catches up with her, he's intent on wreaking revenge. Can the love of her two cowboys give her the strength necessary to overcome his torment? And can the skill and courage of the two men lead them to save her before it is too late?

Menage on Moone Mountain

The Men of Moone Mountain Book One

Red-Light Wrangler

The Men of Moone Mountain
Book Two

Can a bad reputation hide a good heart?

After realizing everyone he has been with only wanted him for his money, Rich Buchanan, the billionaire's son, gives up the dream of a serious relationship and gets his kicks sleeping around. He prefers men, but he only brings home women, since his father would be horrified to find out Rich was gay. But secrets are hard to keep among the rich, and his antics soon earn him the nickname "The Red-Light Wrangler" when people discover that money exchanges hands whenever he sleeps with a guy.

When Nate Walker starts work as Assistant Foreman at the Buchanan Ranch, his good looks and gorgeous body immediately pique Rich's interest. And despite the gossip, Nate can't help falling for him, either. But when Rich's cousin Joey decides to blackmail Rich to pay off his debts, he soon realizes he could get much more out of the situation. Outing his gay cousin and causing a rift between Rich and his father could be just the thing to secure his own position as Frank Buchanan's sole heir. 

Rich has no one to turn to but his lover. But Nate has secrets of his own, and his reasons for being at the ranch are not entirely honorable...

Menage on Ryder Ranch

The Men of Moone Mountain
Book Three

Can Hope heal the heroes?

Max Allen and Cameron Ryder return from Afghanistan as heroes—to everyone except themselves. As they battle the trauma and nightmares of the ambush that left Cam wounded, they arrive home to Moone Mountain only to find the Ryder Ranch has been floundering without them. Cameron's elderly father and uncle have been hiding their problems from the soldiers for fear of adding to their worries.

Hope Bradley has badly missed the boys she grew up with, but she doesn't dare reveal how she feels—how she yearns to see them again, to feel their touch... She moved away from the ranch shortly after they enlisted, finding the loneliness too much to bear. Complicating matters further, a businessman has just made an offer on her thriving florist business, despite it not being for sale. If there ever was a chance to get away somewhere fresh and start over, this was it... She might be falling for them both, but as soon as the army calls, they will only leave her again.

The two cowboys wrestle with their trauma and struggle with their growing love for Hope. But when Hope is threatened and stalked by a stranger, the two cowboys must find it in themselves to overcome their past to save Hope and their future together.

Menage at the Mode Boutique

The Men of Moone Mountain
Book Four

They stole her heart—but is that all they took?

Melinda Samson recently split with her boyfriend after he tried to muscle-in on her business, a small lingerie boutique in Moone. She believes she's never been happier to be alone so she can focus on her business. But when two hot cowboys come to Moone, she finds her heart beating faster. Not only are they both gorgeous hunks, they are fun, kind, and respectful—and their dominant manner sets her pulse racing.

Brodie McGlynn and Callum "Cal" Kennedy had to leave their previous town–and jobs–when word got out that they were bisexual. Being ostracized by so-called friends, they found life intolerable and hit the road, finding solace in the tranquility of Moone County and the open-minded folks living there. And soon both men find themselves falling for Melinda.

Things quickly heat up between the three...until her safe is cleaned out and the stolen money is found in Cal's belongings. But there's more keeping the guys running than their mere sexuality, and that threat endangers Melinda and the entire town.

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