Sirens and Sailors

Love changes everything...

The Earth has moved on. Continents have merged until only two remain, albeit colossal. Trade is amicable between them, although distance means that any such undertaking takes time and courage. 

What few islands exist are now uninhabited - except one...

Refrainia stands lost in time and forgotten by the rest of the world. Its inhabitants know nothing of modern technology or cultivating their own food. The women here have their own means of survival - a routine which has served them well for centuries. Until now...

Having reluctantly been taught to become a Siren on the ancient island of Refrainia, virginal, naive Amaranda gets her sexual awakening in the arms of handsome sailor, Eban Gal, whom she saves from drowning.


The lovers' attempt to flee the island is thwarted by the Chief Elder, Hermandine, who imprisons Eban and forces Amaranda to seduce the sailors with the other Sirens on Destiny Rock. While Amaranda is attacked, Eban is bewitched and seduced by beautiful Siren, Kalliope.

When Eban and the sailors discover the horrors prevalent on the island, they challenge the Elders to change their laws and lifestyle.


A treacherous voyage in search of Poseidon is the only solution, so the couple, along with two sailors, set off.A violent encounter with the Teras, a hideous sea-creature, threatens to end Amaranda's life and destroy their ship, and, with no sign of the Sea-God, all their efforts appear to be in vain...

Last of the Sirens

Sirens & Sailors Book One

Scourge of the Siren

Sirens and Sailors Book Three
Sirens and Sailors Book Two

Eban Gal takes his fiancee, Amaranda, to live in his homeland on Westland. Adjusting to a new way of life proves more difficult than she ever imagined.


When beautiful Mitzi, an ex-girlfriend of Eban, overhears them speaking about her past, the jealous girl uses the revelation to blackmail Amaranda into leaving her beloved Eban forever.


Alone in a strange world, Amaranda gets captured by drug dealer, Taneli Oris, who has been terrifying her with his salacious comments and advances. Taneli has already exposed her secret to the press, and soon the ancient island of Refrainia is in chaos. Mutilated bodies are found and questions are asked.


When Mitzi is rushed into the hospital, following a drug overdose, Eban realizes how much danger Amaranda is in and rushes to find her before it's too late. As Taneli forces drugs into her, Amaranda inadvertently sets fire to the boat they are hiding in. Unconscious, with her leg trapped, she has no hope of escape... 

Submission of the Siren

Kalliope misses her life as a Siren and begins to resent all the changes to her beloved homeland, the ancient Island of Refrainia.


Disgruntled and bored, she finds herself attracted to the charms of wealthy businessman, Zigor Durango. When her handsome boyfriend, Rechavia, catches them in a compromising position, he humiliates Durango, banishing him from the island.


The interloper plots his revenge and arranges to take over Refrainia, ousting the islanders from their home. With his wealth, position, and some surprising contacts Durango appears unstoppable.


When Kalliope takes matters into her own hands she ends up stranded on Eastland with two of her friends. With nowhere else to spend the night, their only option lies in Durango's bedroom.


As they battle to save the island, Kalliope and Rechavia also battle to save their relationship. But can the beautiful Siren ever be trusted to stay faithful?


And will Rechavia's natural dominance bring Kalliope to her knees or scare her away forever?

Ademia loves Farris and Dr. Jay as much as they love her, though none will admit it.


When Farris breaks his promise and both men seemingly abandon her on the mainland with no way to get home, she feels she was wrong about them.


Ill and alone, she reluctantly finds herself in the arms of Palben, a man she considered a friend. When it transpires that Palben believes she is a prostitute and aims to make money from her, she realizes her life is in serious danger.


Jay is arrested and locked up after his alleged sexual assault on a nurse who is intent on discrediting him and ruining his career and his life.


Farris resolves to find Ademia and free the doctor in order to cement his "family" together. But can Farris keep them all together when Ademia is later taken critically ill on Refrainia while he and Dr. Jay are miles away on Eastland, fighting for Jay's future? 

Menage of the Siren

Sirens and Sailors Book Four

Secrets of the Siren

Sirens and Sailors Book Five

Beautiful Ligia is so in love with handsome sailor, Aitan, that she will do anything for him. Unfortunately this includes hiding many of her feelings and desires from him.


While most of the men are on Eastland arranging to have electricity wired to Refrainia, pirates attack the island. The women have to use all their wiles and prowess to save themselves.


Although the women manage to capture the pirates, their plans are thwarted when their men are delayed on the mainland and the pirates eventually manage to overpower them.


The sailors finally realize that the women shouldn't be coerced into changing and modernising the island, but is it too late?


And when Aitan discovers all the secrets Ligia has been keeping from him he is forced to convey a "secret" of his own--his dominance!


Can their love survive all their secrets or is their future doomed? 

Sacrifices of the Siren

Sirens and Sailors Book Six

 Just when Melantho is beginning to really enjoy life on the island with her beloved sailor, Blandon, she is visited by the evil elder Hermandine.


The old lady manages to blackmail Melantho into leaving Refrainia to live a life of drudgery as her servant on the mainland. When Hermandine and Solon mistreat and abuse the poor girl to the extent that she becomes severely ill, Blandon and Dr. Jay discover the secret she has been hiding for the past three years.


As Melantho battles with her health and her miserable past, Blandon showers her with love and strength.


Eventually it seems that she can face her future by resolving the past, but when Hermandine reveals an ancient law of Refrainia Melantho has to decide whether to sacrifice her past once again, or forgo her future on the island with Blandon.

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