Collar and Cuffs

Waiting on Summer

Collar and Cuffs Book One

He can dominate her body, but he can't control her past...

After fleeing to Miami to escape her junkie ex-boyfriend, Summer Marsden finds work as a waitress upstairs in the swanky restaurant and gentlemen’s club, Collar and Cuffs. Although she loves the job, her big mouth gets her into trouble. Intending to resign before she causes more problems, she finds herself face-to-face with the enigmatic and dangerously handsome Nathan Faulkener.

Nathan irons out her problem and takes her downstairs to the Bottom Bar, which she discovers is actually an exclusive BDSM club within Collar and Cuffs. Nathan re-ignites her passion for BDSM, and their desire for each other explodes. He wants nothing more than to solve all Summer’s problems and give her the world, but she has secrets she's never told, and a sordid, dangerous history that won't stay in the past. When her ex shows up gunning for revenge, even Nathan might not be strong enough to save her...

Waiting on Tuesday

Collar and Cuffs Book Two

She craves the whip – but her heart won't be beaten...

Tuesday O'Leary hoped to leave her dreadful past behind when she fled Ireland. She's happy working as a waitress at the exclusive Collar and Cuffs, and even happier when she can play in the BDSM club's dungeon when she’s off-duty. Despite her past, she craves a good beating, and purposely misbehaves to earn punishments from the Doms. But one Dom in particular tickles her fancy—Master Dan Parker. And while she loves having him at the other end of the whip, she doesn't dare accept his aftercare for fear of revealing her feelings. 

But when an incident at the club leaves her vulnerable, she realizes history is repeating itself. As her past catches up with her, her life is truly put in danger, and there's only one man she can trust—Dan Parker. Can he help save her life and her heart—or is she finally beaten?

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Waiting on April

Collar and Cuffs Book Three

She'll trust him with her body—but not her heart...

Pretty, petite April Myers is a valued and well-loved waitress at the exclusive BDSM club, Collar and Cuffs. She's especially well-loved by the big, muscular Dom, Detective Steve Ratner. So when he discovers her with a black eye and bruises after missing a shift, he's understandably horrified. He suspects her ex, who has been sniffing around her again, uninvited. And he has no intention of letting the man anywhere near his precious April.

April has always liked playing with Master Steve. She loves the affection and security she receives from him—not to mention the most incredible orgasms. But even though she dreams of being with him, she's not willing to risk her heart again. She fights to keep her feelings for him under wraps, clinging fiercely to her independence. He'll have to settle for her body, which she willingly offers him in the dungeon, but she'll never give anyone her heart. 

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